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Main Advantages of Shipbuilding Gantry Crane

With the progress of technology and metal materials in China, the design of shipbuilding gantry cranes is more scientific and concise. At present, to save energy and reduce emissions, many ports in our country have carried out the project of “Gantry Cranes Driven by Electricity Changed from Fuel “. Compared with other lifting machines, shipbuilding gantry cranes have their own characteristics.

shipbuilding gantry crane

The walking track of the shipbuilding gantry crane is laid directly in the working place, and the height of the walking track surface can be in the same plane with the working place. Therefore, the cargo area and access under the span can be fully utilized.

Most shipbuilding gantry cranes have cantilever arms of specific length on each side. And the shipbuilding gantry crane can be used in more and more places as its working area continues to expand.


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