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Nucleon Large Capacity Overhead Crane Projects

overhead crane

800t Double Girder Overhead Crane for China First Heavy Industries, Year 2012

overhead crane

100t Overhead Crane for Rocket Assemble in Jiuquan Satellite Launch Base, Year 2012

overhead crane

380t Euro Style Overhead Crane for YANGQUAN COAL INDUSTRY(GROUP)CO.,LTD, Year 2011

overhead crane

320t Ladle Crane, Year 2016

overhead crane

224t Ladle Crane for Jiangxi Ping Steel Industry Co., Ltd, Year 2010

overhead crane

180t Clamp Crane for Zhenjiang Ai Li Aluminum, Year 2009

overhead head

250t European Standard Crane for British Sheffield Forging Co., Ltd, UK, Year 2009

overhead crane

600t Overhead Crane for Dalian Wanyang, Year 2008


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