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QD Type Overhead Crane with Grab

Capacity: 5~450/100t

Span: 10.5~31.5m

Lifting Height: (Main) 12~24 m

Working Grade: A5~A6

Power Supply: 3-Phase AC, 50 HZ, 380V


QD Type Overhead Crane is suitable for loading and unloading work in various indoor workshops.

overhead crane


QD Type Overhead Crane is widely used in metallurgy, hydropower, aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive, coal, petrochemical and other industries.

overhead crane

Features of QD Type Overhead Crane:

1. There are three kinds of method for entering the platform of cab: from the side, from the end and from the top.

2. There are two kinds of cab installation methods: at the left end or at the right end.

3. The trolley material can select safety sliding wire or angle steel; it can be either at the opposite side of the cab or at the same side of the cab.

4. All the operations of the crane should be completed in the cab.

overhead crane

Technical Specifications:

1.Lifting Capacity:5~450/100t

2.Working Grade:A5~A6


4.Lifting Height:(Main) 12~24 m;(Aux)14~26 m;

5.Lifting Speed:(Main) 2.1~15.5 m/min;(Aux) 5.1~14.5 m/min

6.Travelling Speed:(Crab) 27~44.6m /min;(Trolley) 42~116.8m /min

7. Power Supply:3-Phase AC, 50 HZ, 380V



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