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QZ Type Grab Overhead Crane

Capacity: 5~20t

Span: 10.5~31.5m

Lifting Height: 18~28 m

Working Grade: A6

Power Supply: 3-Phase AC, 50 HZ, 380V


QZ Type Grab Overhead Crane is developed by general overhead crane and suitable for bulk materials handling work such as ore, limestone, coal, coke, coke slag, etc. in the fixed span.


QZ Type Grab Overhead Crane is widely used in metallurgy, hydropower, aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive, coal, petrochemical and other industries.

Features of QZ Type Grab Overhead Crane:

1. The work classification is heavy.

2. The crane is composed of the box-bridge, trolley travelling mechanism, crab travelling mechanism, grab and electric equipment.

3. There are three kinds of method for entering the platform of cab: from the side, from the end and from the top.

4. The rated lifting weight includes grab weight.

5. There are two kinds of the opening direction of the grab bucket: parallel to the main beam or perpendicular to the main beam

6. The take-off device is a double-reel four-rope grab, simple in structure and reliable in work. The grab can be opened and closed at any height.

7. The grab bucket is only suitable for the naturally stacked particulate matter. When the grab mass is larger than 200mm, it is necessary to choose grab with teeth; when grasping underwater materials or special materials, it must be ordered in particular.

8. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The rainproof cover should be added when use outdoors.


Technical Specifications:

1.Lifting Capacity:5~20t

2.Working Grade:A6


4.Lifting Height:18~28 m

5.Lifting Speed:39.2~45.7 m/min

6.Travelling Speed:(Crab) 43.2~45.9m /min;(Trolley)87.3~113.6m /min

7. Power Supply:3-Phase AC, 50 HZ, 380V



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